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Addressing Youth Exploitation – What are Big Local communities doing? Palfrey Big Local, Sian Penner and Paul Bragman, Big Local Reps

How can Big Locals engage young people? Hackney Wick Big Local, UK Youth, British Youth Council and Blagrave Trust

Incorporation: Is it the right thing for your Big Local? Jan Stobart, Big Local Rep

How can Big Locals lever in more funding? Betsey Dilner, Social Change Agency, Katherine Dureden, 360 Giving, and St Matthews Big Local

Developing a Community Business idea in 45 minutes, Charlotte Cassedanne, Power To Change

"What was the legacy of David Bowie...?" and other ways to approach your Big Local legacy, Heston West Big Local

In what ways can communities support mental health?, Mental Health First Aid England

What do statistics say about your area?, Local Insight and OCSI

Keeping conversations with your community going TSRC, Grassland and Hasmoor Big Local

More than a pub, the Bevy as a community building, The Bevy community pub in Brighton

Zombies, housing, and community film-making, Firs and Bromford Big Local with filmmaker Xavier Mendik from Birmingham City University

How can Big Local areas support local and responsible finance and good money management?, Hill Top and Caldwell Big Local, Fair 4 You, and Latch Ford Big Local

Involving the wider community in decision making, School of Public Health Research

Community Organising for Better Homes, PEACH Big Local

Do what you're doing better, faster and easier, Newspeak House, The London College of Political Technologists

Communities helping local public agencies become ‘changemakers’, NLGN

What have Big Locals been doing to support local entrepreneurship?, Unltd

Tour of RIBA, Elizabeth Poland-Smith, RIBA

Environmental action: making neighbourhoods nicer places to be, Distington Big Local, Brereton Big Local

Your role in the Local Wealth Building, CLES, Progressive Economics for People and Place

Starting a Community Cinema, Cinema for All

How can communities take back their streets for play?, Playing Out

How do you know you are making a difference?, Helen Garforth and Wendy Sugarman, Big Local Reps

What have Big Locals been doing to manage land?, Shared Assets

How can local people get engaged in sports, or create them?, Streetgames

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