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About us

Big Local Trust

Big Local Trust was established by Local Trust and the Big Lottery Fund with a National Lottery grant of £196,873,499. The grant is an endowment, which has to be spent by December 2026. It funds Big Local, supporting 150 communities in England to make their areas even better places to live. 

Big Local Trust is a charitable trust with a jointly agreed Trust Deed between the Big Lottery Fund and Local Trust. The Big Lottery Fund is the founder of Big Local Trust. Big Local Trust is a registered charity, number 1145916.

Big Local Trust trust deed
Big Local Trust deed of amendment
Charity Commission Scheme setting out amendments to the trust deed
Big Local Trust strategy, April 2014 to March 2017


The protector is appointed by the Big Lottery Fund to oversee the governance of the Big Local Trust. The protector has a duty to ensure the integrity of the administration of the Big Local Trust and the propriety of its procedures, and if necessary report matters of serious concern to the Big Lottery Fund or the Charity Commission.

Each year the protector prepares a statement for publication in the annual report consisting of an explanation of the function of the protector and how the function has been carried out. This can include any concerns about the administration of Big Local Trust and steps required to effect improvement.

Peter Thurston is the protector and can be contacted via Local Trust or the Big Lottery Fund.

Local Trust

Local Trust is the sole corporate trustee of Big Local Trust and was established for this purpose. In this role, it manages the Big Local Trust in line with the trust deed and ensures Big Local happens in a way that is in keeping with the trust deed and the wishes of the Big Lottery Fund.

Local Trust articles of association
Local Trust strategy, April 2014 to March 2017
Diagram explaining the relationship between Big Lottery Fund, Big Local Trust, Local Trust, the protector and Big Local

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